Some Faq’s

Some Faq’s

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  • How much does it cost to send an SMS?
    The cost per SMS in the SMS credit bundle purchased. The route you use to send your SMS messages. By registering and sending some (free) test messages you can verify exactly what the costs will be.
  • How do I buy SMS credits?
    We work on a prepaid basis. You can purchase credits online via Credit or Debit card or electronic funds transfer. Should you wish to pay via electronic funds transfer, our bank details will be available when you are logged in to your account and select Bank transfer. Should you prefer to request a quotation to purchase before making a payment, please email the account manager. When requesting a quotation, please include your username, email address and the number of credits you would like to purchase.
  • Is there a daily or monthly minimum quota for sending SMSs?
    No. You can send as many, or as few, SMS messages as you like. For security reasons, we do however have a daily maximum limit set on all accounts. If you would like to increase your daily SMS quota you will need to contact our Support team. Please be sure to tell us your username and what you would like to increase (or decrease) your daily quota.
  • Does we offer discounted messaging?
    Yes we do. For normal commercial based SMS accounts, we have the “Discount”. This discount cuts the cost of the SMS message by up to 25%. For non-profit organizations, NGOs, schools and religious organizations we offer special Community Messaging rates.
  • Do I get an invoice?
    We provide invoices for all your SMS credit purchases. These are available in the Commerce section of your online account platform. Any invoices related to other services will be emailed to you on the initiation or renewal of those services.
  • Who pays for failed messages?
    You, as the account holder, pay for failed messages, that is; messages that were not delivered to a contact in your database. There are two reasons for this: • The networks charge us for all submissions regardless of the status. • We expend more resources in handling failed messages as we re-try sending these messages to the network before reporting it as a failed message.
  • How do I start sending SMS messages?
    In order to send SMS messages from your account, you will need to select the route that best suits your needs, register, purchase SMS credits and upload or add your contacts to your chosen platform.
  • Why does we need my mobile phone number?
    We need your mobile number in order to send you an alert. We may also need to contact you for Support reasons, for example, if you forget your password and need an SMS reminder, or if you have set up SMS notifications for low credit warnings and if we need to follow up on complaints relating to your use of the service.
  • I’ve lost my username and/or password. How can I log in?
    If you have lost your username and password, you can easily recover both by clicking “forgot password” on the login page and entering your username. You will be asked whether you would like your password recovery message to be sent to your email address or mobile phone number. For email recovery, you will need to click on the link in the email received and update your password. For SMS recovery, you will simply need to enter the password recovery code that was sent to your mobile phone. Please note that this will only work if you have registered with a valid email address.
  • How can I change my password?
    Your password can be updated by logging in to the online platform and updating your user profile.
  • Can we notify you when SMS credits are low?
    Yes, you can choose at which SMS credit level the notification will be sent and you can choose to receive the notification via email, SMS or both.
  • Sending SMS messages
    SMS messages sent via our SMS gateway are typically delivered to a mobile phone number within 15 seconds. In some cases delivery may take up to 3 minutes depending on the network routing of SMS messages, the number of SMS messages sent in a batch, or other factors. For more information on delivery speed for large volumes, please email Support.
  • Do you provide delivery reports
    Yes, we do. These are stored for 30 days only on the Web to SMS platform. A delivery report will indicate the status of a sent message, for example: Delivered to Mobile, Delivered Upstream or Failed.
  • How many contacts can I send the same SMS message to?
    The system allows you to send an SMS message to a database of up to 25,000 contacts in one submission and up to 200,000 using CSV/XLS/TXT file.
  • Is it possible to have a personalised Sender ID and when is it available?
    Yes, Sender ID requests are processed manually and we suggest you request a Sender ID change within office hours for a swift response. Sender ID can also be set via HTTP request and email to SMS.
  • Can I personalise the SMS messages I want to send?
    Yes, you can. You can personalize your bulk SMS message sends by adding the recipient’s first name, surname or mobile number to the SMS text message that you send.
  • Can I send an SMS that is longer than 160 characters?
    While a typical SMS message is only 160 characters long, we do allow you to send up to 6 SMS text messages in one send; that is, you can send a message of up to 918 characters. This is true for our Web to SMS platform, as well as our SMS API. The message gets split into 6 parts when you send it, but when it arrives at the mobile phone it will appear as a single SMS message. The technical term for this process is concatenated SMS where a multi-part message with more than 160 characters is received as a single message on a mobile phone.
  • Can I schedule my SMS messages?
    Yes, you can Schedule your SMS messages to be sent at a later date and time for up to one month in the future.
  • Can I cancel my scheduled messages?
    Yes, you can cancel your scheduled SMS messages by logging in to the Web to SMS platform and going to “Scheduled messages”. This will list all your upcoming scheduled SMS messages. Simply click on the SMS message you want to delete and click “Delete”.
  • What are different type of Headers ?
    PROMOTIONAL Headers that can be used for sending Promotional messages fall under PROMOTIONAL type. Promotional message means commercial communication that can be sent to a mobile subscriber whose preferences are not set (not on DND). Or, any commercial communication that an enterprise can send to an intended recipient after taking consent to send such messages. Header (6 numeric): 565690, 787878, 987123, 555555, etc. Promotional Headers should start with the number that matches with the category (as per DND Preferences). 1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/ credit cards. Ex: 123890, 154987 2. Real Estate Ex: 234567, 264789 3. Education Ex: 397134, 321456 4. Health Ex: 467931, 444654 5. Consumer goods and automobiles Ex: 582974, 564123 6. Communication/Broadcasting / Entertainment/IT Ex: 631469, 693147 7. Tourism and Leisure Ex: 789456, 714369 8. Food and Beverages Ex: 896321, 816934 0 (Zero) Others – Category that doesn’t appear in 1-8 Ex: 012389, 098654 ________________________________________________________________________________ OTHER Headers that can be used for sending Transactional, Service Implicit and Service Explicit message fall under OTHER type. Same Header can be used against all three type of messages. All These Headers are Case Sensitive. Header (6-alpha): KTHREE, Kthree, kTHREE, etc. 1) Transactional: Message which contains One Time Password (OTP) and requires to complete a banking transaction initiated by the bank customer. This is applicable to all banks including national/ scheduled/ private/ Govt. and MNC banks. Ex: TRHDFC, DCBmsg, MkotaK 2) Service Implicit: Messages arising out of customer’s actions or his relationship with the Sender, that is not promotional, and is not in the interest of the customer to block such communications. These messages may or may not be triggered by a subscriber-initiated transaction and will not be blocked for subscribers who have otherwise blocked service messages also. A) Confirmation messages of a net banking or a credit/debit transaction. B) Product purchase confirmation. C) Delivery status of a parcel. D) OTP required for e-commerce website, app login, social media apps, KYC, etc. E) Messages from schools regarding attendance/transport. F) Messages from hospitals/clinics regarding appointment/discharge reports. G) Govt./TRAI/DoT mandated messages, advisories, messages from state Govt., LEAs, local authorities, traffic advisories, election commission, disaster management advisories. H) Service messages from car workshops, gadget service centres. I) Day-end/ month-end settlement alerts to securities/demat account holders. Ex: ABCDE, AFioma, uniFco. 3) Service Explicit: Any service message which doesn’t fall under the category of service message (Implicit) will be sent only against service explicit, digitally verified/verifiable consent that has been taken from the subscriber by the respective enterprise. Ex: NUTUKI, PRizem, semRTA

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